front-panel-security diagnostic-reset


[no] front-panel-security diagnostic-reset <CLEAR-BUTTON | SERIAL-CONSOLE>


Enables the diagnostic reset so that the switch can capture diagnostic data.
  • To initiate diagnostic reset via the clear button, press the clear button for at least 30 seconds but not more than 40 seconds.

  • To initiate diagnostic switch reset via the serial console, enter the diagnostic reset sequence on the serial console.

Parameters and options


Disables the diagnostic reset feature so that the user is prevented from capturing diagnostic data and performing a diagnostic reset on the switch. Disables both serial console and the clear button. This is necessary if the switch becomes unresponsive (hangs) for unknown reasons.


Enables diagnostic-reset using the clear button, allowing the user to perform diagnostic reset by pressing the clear button for 30 seconds and not more than 40 seconds.


Enables the diagnostics by choosing the serial console option.


Disabling the diagnostic reset prevents the switch from capturing diagnostic data on those rare events where the switch becomes unresponsive to user input because of unknown reasons. Ensure that you are familiar with the front panel security options before proceeding.

Front-panel-security diagnostic-rest clear-button

front-panel-security diagnostic-rest clear-button

Diagnostic Reset     - Enabled
clear-button        - Enabled
serial-console      -Disabled

No front-panel-security diagnostic-reset

no front-panel-security diagnostic-reset

Clear Password       - Enabled
Reset-on-clear     - Disabled
Factory Reset        - Enabled
Password Recovery    - Enabled
Diagnostic Reset     - Disabled