policy mirror


policy mirror <POLICY-NAME> no <SEQ-NUMBER> [class [ipv4|ipv6] <CLASSNAME> action mirror <SESSION>] [action mirror <SESSION>] no default-class action mirror <SESSION> no [interface <PORT/TRUNK>| vlan <VID-#>] service-policy <MIRROR-POLICY-NAME> in


The no [interface <PORT/TRUNK>| vlan <VID-#>] service-policy <MIRROR-POLICY-NAME> in command removes the mirroring policy from a port, VLAN, trunk, or mesh interface for a specified session, but leaves the session available for other assignments.

Parameters and options

mirror <SESSION>

Accepts either a number (1 to 4) or a name. To use a name, you must first configure the name <NAME-STR> parameter option for the specified mirroring session using the policy mirror command.