show ip igmp


show ip igmp <VLAN-ID> [config] [group <IP-ADDR>|groups] [statistics]


Global command that lists IGMP status for all VLANs configured in the switch, including:

  • VLAN ID (VID) and name

  • Querier address

  • Active group addresses per VLAN

  • Number of report and query packets per group

  • Querier access port per VLAN

Parameters and options


Displays the IGMP configuration information, including VLAN ID, VLAN name, status, forwarding, and Querier information.


Per-VLAN command listing above, IGMP status for specified VLAN (VID).

group <IP-ADDR>

Lists the ports currently participating in the specified group, with port type, Access type, Age Timer data and Leave Timer data.


Displays VLAN-ID, group address, uptime, expiration time, multicast filter type, and the last reporter for IGMP groups.


Displays IGMP operational information, such as VLAN IDs and names, and filtered and flooding statistics.

Output from show ip igmp config command

IGMP statistical information

switch(vlan-2)# show ip igmp statistics

 IGMP Service Statistics

  Total VLANs with IGMP enabled               : 1
  Current count of multicast groups joined    : 1

 IGMP Joined Groups Statistics

  VLAN ID VLAN Name                        Filtered     Flood
  ------- -------------------------------- ------------ ------------
  2       VLAN2                            2            1