[no] tftp [client|server] listen [oobm|data|both]


Disables/re-enables TFTP for client or server functionality.

Parameters and options

Disables all TFTP client or server operation on the switch except for the auto-TFTP feature. When you disable TFTP, instances of TFTP in the CLI copy command and the Menu interface "Download OS" screen become unavailable.

The no tftp [client|server] command does not disable auto-TFTP operation. To disable an auto-TFTP command configured on the switch, use the no auto-tftp command to remove the command entry from the switch's configuration.


Use TFTP client functionality to access TFTP servers in the network to receive downloaded files.


Use TFTP server functionality to upload files to other devices on the network.


For switches that have a separate out-of-band management port, the listen parameter in a server configuration allows you to specify whether transfers take place through the out-of-band management (oobm) interface, the data interface, or both.


Using IP SSH file transfer to enable SCP and SFTP functionality on the switch disables TFTP client and server functionality. After enabling ip ssh file transfer, you cannot re-enable TFTP and auto-TFTP from the CLI.

show running-configuration

switch(config)# show running-config

Running configuration:
; J8693A Configuration Editor; Created on release #K.15.15.0000x
; Ver #04:7f.ff.3f.ef:54
hostname "Switch"
no tftp client
no tftp server

Enable TFTP client

switch(config)# tftp client

ip ssh filetransfer

The command ip ssh filetransfer disables the TFTP Client and TFTP Server, and the user can re-enable them. The command displays the following message.

ip ssh filetransfer
tftp and auto-tftp have been disabled.