show lldp info remote-device


show lldp info remote-device<PORT-LIST>


Without the <PORT-LIST> option, provides a global list of the individual devices it has detected by reading LLDP advertisements. Discovered devices are listed by the inbound port on which they were discovered.

Multiple devices listed for a single port indicates that such devices are connected to the switch through a hub.

Discovering the same device on multiple ports indicates that the remote device may be connected to the switch in one of the following ways:

  • Through different VLANS using separate links. (This applies to switches that use the same MAC address for all configured VLANs.)

  • Through different links in the same trunk.

  • Through different links using the same VLAN. (In this case, spanning-tree should be invoked to prevent a network topology loop. Note that LLDP packets travel on links that spanning-tree blocks for other traffic types.)

With the <PORT-LIST> option, provides a listing of the LLDP data that the switch has detected in advertisements received on the specified ports.

See also Table 1.

A global listing of discovered devices

Switch# show lldp info remote

 LLDP Remote Devices Information

  LocalPort | ChassisId                 PortId PortDescr SysName
  --------- + ------------------------- ------ --------- -------------
  1         | 00 11 85 35 3b 80         6      6         Switch 3500yl
  2         | 00 11 85 cf 66 60         8      8         Switch 3500yl

An LLLDP-MED listing of an advertisement received from an LLDP-MED (VoIP telephone) source