lldp top-change-notify


lldp top-change-notify <PORT-LIST>


Defaults to disabled. When enabled on an LLDP port, topology change notification causes the switch to send an SNMP trap if it detects LLDP-MED endpoint connection or disconnection activity on the port, or an age-out of the LLDP-MED neighbor on the port.

The trap includes the following information:
  • The port number (internal) on which the activity was detected.

  • The LLDP-MED class of the device detected on the port.

To send traps, this feature requires access to at least one SNMP server.

If a detected LLDP-MED neighbor begins sending advertisements without LLDP-MED TLVs, the switch sends a top-change-notify trap.

View topology change notification status

You can use the show running command shows whether the topology change notification feature is enabled or disabled. For example, if ports A1 to A10 have topology change notification enabled, the following entry appears in the show running output:

lldp top-change-notify A1-A10