set mib lldpTxDelay.0


setmib lldpTxDelay.0 -i <1 - 8192>

Uses setmib to change the minimum time (delay-interval) any LLDP port will delay advertising successive LLDP advertisements because of a change in LLDP MIB content. Defaults to 2.

The LLDP refresh-interval (transmit interval) must be greater than or equal to (4 x delay-interval.) The switch does not allow increasing the delay interval to a value that conflicts with this relationship. That is, the switch displays Inconsistent value if (4 x delay-interval) exceeds the current transmit interval, and the command fails. Depending on the current refresh-interval setting, it may be necessary to increase the refresh-interval before using this command to increase the delay-interval.

Change the delay-interval

To change the delay-interval from 2 seconds to 8 seconds when the refresh-interval is at the default 30 seconds, you must first set the refresh-interval to a minimum of 32 seconds (32 = 4 x 8.) (See Changing the transmit-delay interval.)

Changing the transmit-delay interval