lldp holdtime-multiplier


lldp holdtime-multiplier <2 - 10>


Changes the multiplier an LLDP switch uses to calculate the Time-to-Live for the LLDP advertisements it generates and transmits to LLDP neighbors. When the Time-to-Live for a given advertisement expires, the advertised data is deleted from the neighbor switch's MIB. Defaults to 4.

If the refresh-interval on the switch is 15 seconds and the holdtime-multiplier is at the default, the Time-to-Live for advertisements transmitted from the switch is 60 seconds (4 x 15.)

Reduce time-to-live

To reduce the Time-to-Live, you could lower the holdtime-interval to 2, which would result in a Time-to-Live of 30 seconds.

switch# lldp holdtime-multiplier 2