lldp config ipAddrEnable


[no] lldp config  <PORT-LIST>  ipAddrEnable  ip-address 


This is an optional command you can use to include a specific IP address in the outbound LLDP advertisements for specific ports. Replaces the default IP address for the port with an IP address you specify. This can be any IP address configured in a static VLAN on the switch, even if the port does not belong to the VLAN configured with the selected IP address.

Default: The port advertises the IP address of the lowest-numbered VLAN (VID) to which it belongs. If there is no IP address configured on the VLANs to which the port belongs, and if the port is not configured to advertise an IP address from any other (static) VLAN on the switch, the port advertises an address of

This command does not accept either IP addresses acquired through DHCP or Bootp, or IP addresses that are not configured in a static VLAN on the switch.

Parameters and options


Deletes the specified IP address. If there are no IP addresses configured as management addresses, the IP address selection method returns to the default operation.

lldp config

If port 3 belongs to a subnetted VLAN that includes an IP address of and you want port 3 to use this secondary address in LLDP advertisements, you need to execute the following command:

switch# lldp config 3 ipAddrEnable