show cdp neighbors


show cdp neighbors


Lists the neighboring CDP devices the switch detects, with a subset of the information collected from the device's CDP packet. Devices are listed by the port on which they were detected.


[e] <PORT-NUM> [detail]

Lists the CDP device connected to the specified port (allows only one port at a time). Using detail provides a longer list of details on the CDP device the switch detects on the specified port.

[detail [e] <PORT-NUM>]

Provides a list of the details for all of the CDP devices the switch detects. Using port-num produces a list of details for the selected port.

CDP neighbors table listing

This example displays the CDP devices that the switch has detected by receiving their CDP packets.

switch# show cdp neighbors

 CDP neighbors information

  Port Device ID                     | Platform                 Capability
  ---- ----------------------------- + ------------------------ -----------
  1    Accounting (0030c1-7fcc40)    | J4812A Switch. . .       S
  2    ResearĀ¢1-1 (0060b0-889e43)    | J4121A Switch. . .       S
  4    Support (0060b0_761a45)       | J4121A Switch. . .       S
  7    Marketing (0030c5_33dc59)     | J4313A Switch. . .       S
  12   Mgmt NIC(099a05-09df9b        | NIC Model X666           H
  12   Mgmt NIC(099a05-09df11        | NIC Model X666           H