link-keepalive mode


link-keepalive mode [verify-then-forward | forward-then-verify]


This command configures the link-keepalive mode.



The port is in a blocking state until the link configured for UDLD establishes bidirectional communication.


The port forwards the data then verifies the status of the link-in state. When a unidirectional state is detected, the port is moved to a blocked state. When a bidirectional state is detected, the data is forwarded without interruption.

interval <DECISECONDS>

Configure the interval for link-keepalive. The link-keepalive interval is the time between sending two UDLD packets. The time interval is entered in deciseconds (1/10 sec). For example, a value of 10 is 1 second; 11 is 1.1 seconds. The default keepalive interval is 50 deciseconds.

retries <NUMBER>

Maximum number of sending attempts for UDLD packets before declaring the link as faulty.

Default keepalive attempt is 4.