trunk <PORT-LIST> <trk1|trk2|...trkN> trunk <PORT-LIST>|lacp | dt-lacp | dt-trunk


Configures distributed trunking on a switch. Use either the dt-lacp or dt-trunk option.

The trunk groups and trunk types must be identical in both switches. For example, if Switch Local is configured with trk1 and uses the dt-lacp option, Switch Remote also must be configured with trk1 and use the dt-lacp option to form a distributed trunk. Similarly, if Switch Local is configured with trk2 and uses the dt-trunk option, Switch Remote must be configured with trk2 and use the dt-trunk option to form the distributed trunk.

DT requires that the platforms at both ends of the DT-link be the same and running the same software version.



The no form of the command removes the distributed trunking configuration on the switch.

ISC port configuration

Configuring distributed trunking shows an ISC port being configured for the local switch and the remote switch.

Configuring distributed trunking