show trunks


show trunks load-balance interface <trunk-id> mac <src-addr> <dest-addr> [ip <src-addr> <dest-addr> <src-tcp-port> <src-upd-port> <dest-tcp-port> <dest-udp-port> inbound-port <port-num>


Displays the port on which the information will be forwarded out for the specified traffic flow with the specified source and destination address.



The trunk id (trk1, trk2, etc.)

mac src-addr dest-addr

The source MAC address and the destination MAC address.

ip src-addr dest-addr

The source IPv4 /IPv6 address and the destination IPv4/IPv6 address.


The source TCP port or the source UDP port.


The destination TCP port or the destination UDP port.

inbound-port port-num

the port number of which the traffic is received.

Information about the forwarding port

switch# show trunks load-balance interface trk1 mac 424521-498421 534516-
795463 inbound-port a5
Traffic in this flow will be forwarded out port 23 based on the confiugred L2
load balancing.