show power-over-ethernet


show power-over-ethernet [brief] [ethernet <PORT-LIST>] [slot <SLOT-ID-RANGE>]


Displays the switch's global PoE power status, including:

  • Total Available Power

    Lists the maximum PoE wattage available to provision active PoE ports on the switch. This is the amount of usable power for PDs.

  • Total Failover Power

    Lists the amount of PoE power available in the event of a single power supply failure. This is the amount of power the switch can maintain without dropping any PDs.

  • Total Redundancy Power

    Indicates the amount of PoE power held in reserve for redundancy in case of a power supply failure.

  • Total Remaining Power

    The amount of PoE power still available.



Displays PoE information for each port.



Displays PoE information for the ports in PORT-LIST.


Displays PoE information for the selected slots. Enter the all option to display the PoE information for all slots.

Show power-over-ethernet

The command show power-over-ethernet displays data similar to that shown in show power-over-ethernet command output .

show power-over-ethernet command output