power-over-ethernet slot


power-over-ethernet [slot <SLOT-ID-RANGE> <threshold 1 - 99>]


This command configures the notification threshold for PoE power usage on either a global or per-module (slot) basis.

Parameters and options


Specifies the PoE usage level (as a percentage of the PoE power available on a module) at which the switch generates a power usage notice. This notice appears as an SNMP trap and a corresponding Event Log message and occurs when a PoE module's power consumption crosses the configured threshold value. That is, the switch generates a notice whenever the power consumption on a module either exceeds or drops below the specified percentage of the total PoE power available on the module.

Without the slot PoE <SLOT-ID-RANGE> option, the switch applies one power threshold setting on all PoE modules installed in the switch.