show interfaces custom


show interfaces custom <PORT-LIST> <COLUMN-LIST>


Select the information that you want to display. Supported columns are shown in the following section.

Parameters and options


port identifier, such as A2.


Port type, such as 100/1000T


Port status, up or down.


Connection speed and duplex, such as 1000FDX


Configured mode, auto, auto-100, 100FDX


MDI mode, auto, MDIX


Flow control, on or off


Friendly port name


The vlan id this port belongs to, or “tagged” if it belongs to more than one vlan.


Port is or is not enabled, yes or no.


Intrusion alert status, no.


Broadcast limit, 0

You can specify the column width by entering a colon after the column name, then indicating the number of characters to display. In Example of the custom show interfaces command, the Name column displays only the first four characters of the name. All remaining characters are truncated.

Each field has a fixed minimum width to be displayed. If you specify a field width smaller than the minimum width, the information is displayed at the minimum width. For example, if the minimum width for the Name field is 4 characters and you specify Name:2, the Name field displays 4 characters.

You can enter parameters in any order. There is a limit of 80 characters per line; if you exceed this limit an error displays.

Example of the custom show interfaces command

switch# show int custom 1-4 port name:4 type vlan intrusion speed enabled mdi

 Status and Counters - Custom Port Status

  Port Name       Type       VLAN  Alert     Speed   Enabled MDI-mode
  ---- ---------- ---------- ----- --------- ------- ------- --------
  1    Acco       100/1000T  1     No        1000FDx Yes     Auto
  2    Huma       100/1000T  1     No        1000FDx Yes     Auto
  3    Deve       100/1000T  1     No        1000FDx Yes     Auto
  4    Lab1       100/1000T  1     No        1000FDx Yes     Auto