Displays the resource usage of the policy enforcement engine on the switch by software feature. For each type of resource, the amount still available and the amount used by each software feature is shown.

Parameters and options

show resources

This output allows you to view current resource usage and, if necessary, prioritize and reconfigure software features to free resources reserved for less important features.


Display the same command output and provide different ways to access task-specific information. See the OpenFlow administrators guide.

Unavailable resources

The resource usage on a switch configured for ACLs, QoS, RADIUS-based authentication, and other features:

  • The "Rules Used" columns show that ACLs, VT, mirroring, and other features (for example, Management VLAN) have been configured globally or per-VLAN, because identical resource consumption is displayed for each port range in the switch. If ACLs were configured per-port, the number of rules used in each port range would be different.

  • The switch is also configured for VT and is either blocking or throttling routed traffic with a high rate-of-connection requests.

  • Varying ICMP rate-limiting configurations on ports 1 to 24, on ports 25 to 48, and on slot A, have resulted in different meter usage and different rule usage listed under QoS. Global QoS settings would otherwise result in identical resource consumption on each port range in the switch.

  • There is authenticated client usage of IDM resources on ports 25 to 48.

Viewing current QoS resource usage on a series 3500yl switch