show sntp


show sntp [authentication|statistics]


Shows configured time protocol and servers. Lists both the time synchronization method (TimeP, SNTP, or None) and the SNTP configuration, even if SNTP is not the selected time protocol. Configure the switch with SNTP as the time synchronization method, and then enable SNTP in broadcast mode with the default poll interval, show sntp.

Parameters and options


Displays all the configured SNTP authentication information.


Displays SNTP protocol statistics.

SNTP configuration when SNTP is not the selected time synchronization method

show sntp authentication command with authentication disabled

To display all the SNTP authentication keys that have been configured on the switch, enter the show sntp authentication command.

switch(config) # show sntp authentication
SNTP Authentication Information
SNTP Authentication: Enabled

Key-ID  Auth Mode  Trusted
------- ----------- -------
55     MD5     YES
10     MD5     NO

To display the statistical information for each SNTP server, enter the sntp statistics command. The number of SNTP packets that have failed authentication is displayed for each SNTP server address.

switch(config) # show sntp statistics
SNTP statistics
Received Packets: 0
Sent Packets: 3
Dropped Packets: 0
SNTP Server Address    Auth Failed Pkts
-------------------    ----------------           0
fe80::200:24ff:fec8:4ca8   0