no sntp


[no] sntp


Disables SNTP by changing the SNTP mode configuration to Disabled.

Disabling time synchronization by disabling the SNTP mode

If the switch is running SNTP in unicast mode with an SNTP server at and a server version of 3 (the default), no sntp changes the SNTP configuration as shown below and disables time synchronization on the switch.

switch(config)# no sntp
switch(config)# show sntp

SNTP Configuration
SNTP Authentication : Disabled
Time Sync Mode: SNTP
SNTP Mode : disabled
Poll Interval (sec) [720] : 719
Source IP Selection: Outgoing Interface

Priority SNTP Server Address                      Version Key-id
-------- ---------------------------------------  ------- ----------
1        2001:db8::215:60ff:fe79:8980             7       0
2                              3       0