show management


show management


Examine and compare the IP addressing on the switch. It lists the IP addresses for all time servers configured on the switch plus the IP addresses and default gateway for all VLANs configured on the switch.

Show IP addressing for all configured time servers and VLAN

switch(config)# show management

 Status and Counters - Management Address Information

  Time Server Address :

  Priority SNTP Server Address                            Protocol Version
  -------- ---------------------------------------------- ----------------
  1        10.10..28.101                                  3
  2                                    3
  3        fe80::123%vlan10                               3

  Default Gateway :
  VLAN Name    MAC Address         | IP Address
  ------------ ------------------- + -------------------
  DEFAULT_VLAN 001279-88a100       |
  VLAN10 001279-88a100             |