sntp server priority


sntp server priority <ip-address>
no sntp server priority <ip-address>


Polls for the current time among configured SNTP servers. The no form of the command deletes a server address. If there are multiple addresses and you delete one of them, the switch re-orders the address priority.


server priority <1-3>

Specifies the polling order of the configured SNTP servers. Value is between 1 and 3.


Supports bot IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Set the server priority

To set one server to priority 1 and another to priority 2:

switch# sntp server priority 1
switch# sntp server priority 2 2001:db8::215:60ff:fe79:8980

Delete a server address

To delete the primary address and automatically convert the secondary address to primary:

switch(config)# no sntp server