Elements of time synchronization

Time synchronization contains several elements. These include:

  • Protocol — SNTP or TimeP. The switch offers TimeP and SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) and a timesync command for changing the time protocol selection (or turning off time protocol operation.)
  • Authentication modes — Broadcast or Unicast for SNTP, and DHCP or Manual for TimeP
  • Status — Enabled or Disabled. Simply selecting a time synchronization protocol does not enable that protocol on the switch. You must also enable the protocol itself by setting the appropriate parameter (enabled or disabled).

Although you can create and save configurations for both time protocols without conflicts, the switch allows only one active time protocol at any time. In addition, the switch retains the parameter settings for both time protocols, even if you change from one protocol to the other. Thus, if you select a time protocol, the switch uses the parameters you last configured for the selected protocol.