Limitations on 5Gbps ports

For 5Gbps ports, when the customer has Rate-Limiting or Guaranteed Minimum Bandwidths configured, the granularity of percentage-based rates for the 5Gbps speed is in steps of 2%. For example a 1% rate-limit for a 5Gbps port will function as a 2% limit, a 5% limit will function as a 6% limit. The Guaranteed Minimum Bandwith profiles will show the same behavior. On an 8-queue system, the actual default servicing profile will be 2% 4% 30% 10% 10% 10% 16% 20%. The CLI and SNMP values for these ports will show what the customer configured, but the actual hardware results will be in steps of 2%.


This limitation only applies to the 5Gbps ports. Ports running at 2.5Gbps have a 1% granularity in port speeds.