oobm vsf member


oobm vsf member <MEMBER-ID> ip address { <IP-ADDR>/<MASK-LENGTH> | dhcp-bootp }


This command is used to configure the IPV4 address for the VSF OOBM.



The VSF member-ID for the member command or parameter. Member ID value can be in the range from 1 to 2.


Interface IP address/mask.

oobm vsf member <MEMBER-ID> ip default-gateway IP-ADDR

Specify the default gateway using this form of the command. Configure the IPv4 default gateway address, which will be used when routing is not enabled on the switch. The <IP-ADDR> must be specified if the command is not preceded by [no]. Preceding the command with [no] deletes the default gateway address.The [no] form of this command does not take effect on default gateway address obtained via DHCP.


oobm vsf member <VSF-MEMBER> ip

oobm vsf member <VSF-MEMBER> ip address