vsf member link


[no] vsf member <MEMBER-ID> link <LINK-ID> [[ethernet] <PORT-LIST> | name <LINK-NAME>]


Create the VSF links. A set of physical ports between any 2 members, carrying VSF traffic, is collectively referred to as a VSF link.



The VSF member-ID for the member command or parameter. Member ID value can be in the range from 1 to 2.


VSF link ID value. For Aruba 5400R devices, allowed Link ID value is 1.


The port number or a list of ports. Upto 8 ports can be assigned into a VSF link.


The VSF link name. Upto 10 characters are allowed for link name.

Operating Notes

  • A VSF link is a logical port dedicated to the internal connection of an VSF virtual device.

  • A VSF link is effective only after it is bound to a physical port.

  • When an Ethernet port is bound to a VSF link, it carries VSF data traffic and VSF protocol packets.