Interface naming conventions

An interface is named in the following format:

Interface name



1/A1, 2/L24



VSF member ID of the switch. The VSF member ID always takes effect, whether or not the device has formed a VSF fabric with other devices. If the device is alone, the device is considered to be a standalone VSF fabric.

This argument defaults to 1.

<interface-module >

Slot letter of the front panel. Letter can be A-F for Aruba 5406R switch and A-L for Aruba 5412R switch.

<port-index >

Index of the port on the device. Port index depends on the number of ports available on the linecard (or Interface Module).

Interface name

On VSF, an interface name would take this form:
<member ID>/<interface-module><port-index>

where 2 is the member ID and B4 is the port-index.