Benefits of VSF

Simplified topology and ease of management
A VSF fabric appears and behaves as one logical switch and is accessible by the network through a single IP address.

Spanning tree features are not necessary among VSF members.

1:1 redundancy

One member acts as the Commander to manage and control the entire VSF fabric. The other switch acts as a Standby and backs up the commander, and takes over in case of commander failure.

VSF port aggregation

A VSF link can aggregate upto eight VSF ports with immediate neighboring member. This provides redundancy till failure of seven VSF ports.

Distributed trunking

The Ethernet link aggregation feature can be used to aggregate physical links between the VSF and its upstream or downstream devices across the VSF members. This eliminates the need for spanning tree and also provides load balancing across across all ports of the link aggregate.

Network scalability

The processing power is equal to the Commander. The forwarding capacity is equal to both the Commander and the Standby combined.