Auto configuring Aruba APs

The auto device detection and configuration detects a directly connected Aruba AP dynamically and applies predefined configurations to ports on which the Aruba AP is detected.

You can create port configuration profiles, associate them to a device type, and enable or disable a device type. One of the device types supported is aruba-ap and it is used to identify all the Aruba APs.

When a configured device type is connected on a port, the system automatically applies the corresponding port profile. Connected devices are identified using LLDP. When the LLDP information on the port ages out, the device profile is removed.

By default, the device profile feature is disabled. When you enable the device profile support for a device type, if no other device profile is mapped to the device type, the default device profile default-ap-profile is associated with the device type. You can modify the AP default device profile configuration but you cannot delete it. The default-ap-profile command supports only the AP device type.

Only APs which are connected directly will be detected.