Authoritative pools

To process the DHCPINFORM packets received from a client within the given IP pool, a DHCP server has to be configured as authoritative for that IP pool. The server is the sole authority for this IP pool so when a client requests an IP address lease where the server is authoritative, and the server has no record of that IP address, the server will respond with DHCPNAK message which indicates that the client should no longer use that IP address. Any DHCPINFORM packet received for a non-authoritative pool will be ignored by the DHCP server.

The authoritative command has no effect when configured on a static pool or an incomplete pool without a network statement. In such cases, the server intentionally not send an error message.

A CLI toggle is provided under the pool context that will allow the authoritative configuration.


The authoritative command requires a network statement to be configured on a pool.