Nonstop switching with VRRP

When Nonstop VRRP is enabled, VRRP continues to operate in its current state when a failover from the AMM to the SMM occurs. This provides an additional layer of redundancy in a switched network. VRRP state information is maintained between MMs so that VRRP operations resume immediately after failover from the AMM to SMM. Because of this quick resumption of operations there is no failover to the backup VRRP router in the network. The Master VRRP router continues to be active and operate as is.

The command for enabling Nonstop mode for VRRP must be executed in VRRP context.


(vrrp#) [no] nonstop

Enabling Nonstop VRRP allows the VRRP router to retain control of IP addresses when the AMM fails over. The VRRP Backup router does not take control of the virtual IP addresses on the network.

The no version of the command disables Nonstop VRRP.

When Nonstop behavior is disabled, failure of the AMM on the VRRP Master results in the VRRP Backup router taking control of the virtual IP addresses on the network.

The commands must be executed in VRRP context.


Before this command is executed, the command redundancy management nonstop-switching should be configured. Any prerequisites required for VRRP configuration commands, such as IP routing being enabled, remain as required prerequisites.

Default: Disabled


Example of enabling nonstop switching for VRRP and then displaying the output

This example shows nonstop VRRP being enabled. The show vrrp config command output displays the enabled status (see bold line below.)

switch(vlan-10-vrid-1)# nonstop
switch(vlan-10-vrid-1)# show vrrp config

VRRP Global Configuration Information

VRRP Enabled  : Yes
Traps Enabled : Yes
Virtual Routers Respond to Ping Requests : Yes
VRRP Nonstop Enabled: Yes

VRRP Virtual Router Configuration Information

Vlan ID : 10
Virtual Router ID : 1

Administrative Status [Disabled] : Enabled
Mode [Uninitialized] : Backup
Priority [100] : 150
Advertisement Interval [1] : 1
Preempt Mode [True] : True
Preempt delay time : 0
Respond to Virtual IP Ping Requests [Yes] : Yes
Primary IP Address : Lowest

IP Address      Subnet Mask
--------------- ---------------