Enabling and disabling OOBM

From the OOBM context:


enable disable

From the general configuration context:


oobm enable oobm disable

Enables or disables networked OOBM on the switch.

OOBM is not compatible with either a management VLAN or stacking. If you attempt to enable OOBM when a management VLAN is enabled or when stacking is enabled, the command will be rejected and you will receive an error message.

If an OOBM IP address exists and you disable OOBM, the OOBM IP address configuration is maintained. If you enable OOBM and there is a pre-existing OOBM IP address, it will be reinstated.

Network OOBM is enabled by default.


Switch (oobm)# enable
Switch (oobm)# disable
switch(config)# oobm enable
switch(config)# oobm disable