Cannot Telnet into the switch console from a station on the network

  • Off-subnet management stations can lose Telnet access if you enable routing without first configuring a static (default) route. That is, the switch uses the IP default gateway only while operating as a Layer 2 device. While routing is enabled on the switch, the IP default gateway is not used. You can avoid this problem by using the ip route command to configure a static (default) route before enabling routing. For more information, see "IP Routing Features" in the multicast and routing guide for your switch.

  • Telnet access may be disabled by the Inbound Telnet Enabled parameter in the System Information screen of the menu interface:

    2. Switch Configuration

    1. System Information

  • The switch may not have the correct IP address, subnet mask, or gateway. Verify by connecting a console to the switch's Console port and selecting:

    2. Switch Configuration

    5. IP Configuration

  • If you are using DHCP to acquire the IP address for the switch, the IP address "lease time" may have expired so that the IP address has changed. For more information on how to "reserve" an IP address, see the documentation for the DHCP application that you are using.

  • If one or more IP-authorized managers are configured, the switch allows inbound telnet access only to a device having an authorized IP address. For more information on IP Authorized managers, see the access security guide for your switch.