Software version mismatch between active and hotswapped module

If the software version in the hotswapped module does not match the software version in the active module, the following occurs:

  1. The active module sends the primary and secondary images in flash to the hotswapped module.
  2. The module that was hotswapped in then reboots if necessary to primary or secondary flash, whichever matches (if it does not already match.)
  3. After the hotswapped management module finishes booting, it is sent the config and other critical files from the active management module.
  4. The hotswapped management module goes into standby mode and is ready to take over in case of a switchover.


After the

boot standby

command is executed, if the software versions on the active management module and the standby management module are not compatible, the standby module does not sync with the active management module. The standby module then enters warm-standby redundancy mode.