Viewing the current configuration for network security notifications (CLI)

Enter the show snmp-server traps command, as shown in the following example. Note that command output is a subset of the information displayed with the show snmp-server command in Display of SNMP notification configuration.

Display of configured network security notifications

switch(config)# show snmp-server traps

 Trap Receivers

  Link-Change Traps Enabled on Ports [All] : A1-A24

  Traps Category                  Current Status
  ------------------------------  --------------------------
  SNMP Authentication           : Extended
  Password change               : Enabled
  Login failures                : Enabled
  Port-Security                 : Enabled
  Authorization Server Contact  : Enabled
  DHCP Snooping                 : Enabled
  Dynamic ARP Protection        : Enabled
  Dynamic IP Lockdown           : Enabled

  Address                Community  Events Sent Notify Type Retry Timeout
  ---------------------- ---------- ----------- ----------- ----- -------           public     All         trap          3   15
    :0000:0000:0000:0121 user_1     All         trap          3   15

  Excluded MIBs