Viewing the current ICMP rate-limit configuration

The show rate-limit icmp command displays the per-interface ICMP rate-limit configuration in the running-config file.


show rate-limit icmp [< port-list >]

Without [port-list], this command lists the ICMP rate-limit configuration for all ports on the switch.

With [port-list], this command lists the rate-limit configuration for the specified interfaces. This command operates the same way in any CLI context

If you want to view the rate-limiting configuration on ports 1–6:

Listing the rate-limit configuration

switch(config)# show rate-limit icmp 1-6

 Inbound ICMP Rate Limit Maximum Percentage

        |          Rate
  Port  | Mode     Limit
  ----- + -------- --------
  1     | Disabled Disabled
  2     | kbps     100
  3     | %        5
  4     | %        1
  5     | %        1
  6     | Disabled Disable

The show running command displays the currently applied setting for any interfaces in the switch configured for all traffic rate-limiting and ICMP rate-limiting.

The show config command displays this information for the configuration currently stored in the startup-config file. (Note that configuration changes performed with the CLI, but not followed by a write mem command, do not appear in the startup-config file.)