show interface port utilization


show interface port-utilization


Use the show interface port-utilization command to view a real-time rate display for all ports on the switch. show interface port-utilization command shows a sample output from this command.
  • For each port on the switch, the command provides a real-time display of the rate at which data is received (Rx) and transmitted (Tx) in terms of kilobits per second (KBits/s), number of packets per second (Pkts/s), and utilization (Util) expressed as a percentage of the total bandwidth available.

  • The show interfaces <PORT-LIST> command can be used to display the current link status and the port rate average over a 5 minute period. Port rates are shown in bits per second (bps) for ports up to 1 Gigabit; for 10 Gigabit ports, port rates are shown in kilobits per second (Kbps.)

show interface port-utilization command