Viewing management information


show modules [details]

Displays information about the installed modules, including:

  • The slot in which the module is installed

  • The module description

  • The serial number

  • The status

  • Core dump

  • Model Version

Additionally, the part number (J number) and serial number of the chassis is displayed.


Status and Counters - Module Information
Chassis: 8212zl J9091A         Serial Number:   LP713BX004
Allow V1 Modules:   Yes
                                   Core  Mod
 Slot Module Description                     Serial Number  Status   Dump  Ver
 ---- -------------------------------------- -------------- -------- ----- ---
MM1   J9092A Management Module 8200zl     sg844bp012     Active   NO    1
SSM   J9095A System Support Module        SG911BZ00N
FM1   J9093A Fabric Module 8200zl         SG911BQ015     Enabled  -     1
FM2   J9093A Fabric Module 8200zl         SG911BQ04T     Enabled  -     1
A     J9536A 20p GT PoE+/2p SFP+ v2 zl... SG0607T124     Up       YES   2
B            Enh Svs v2 zl Module                        Up       YES   2
C     J8702A 24p Gig-T zl Module                         Up       NO    1
D     J9840A Adv Svs v2 zl Module         ID3ZG6N008     Up       YES   2
E     J8705A Gig-T/SFP zl Module                         Up       NO    1
F     J9857A Adv Svs v2 zl Module         SG2ZFNX166     Up       YES   2
G     J8708A 4p 10G CX4 zl Module                        Up       NO    1
H     J9154A Services zl Module           SG811GG01N     Up       NO    1
I     J9051A Wireless Edge Services zl... SG660ZB095     Up       NO    1
J     J9545A ONE Adv Svs zl Module        SG9604P933     Up       NO    1
K     J9051A Wireless Edge Services zl... 1111           Up       NO    1
L     J9154A Services zl Module           SG811GG01M     Up       NO    1