Viewing information about statistics on one or more mirroring policies


[show | clear] statistics policy policy-name port port-num
[show | clear] statistics policy policy-name vlan vid in

Displays the statistics for a specified policy applied to a specified port or VLAN.


Clears statistics for the specified policy and port or VLAN.


The name of the policy.


The number of the port on which the policy is applied (single port only, not a range.)


The number or name of the vlan on which the policy is applied. VLAN ID numbers range from 1 to 4094.


Indicates that statistics are shown for inbound traffic only.

show statistics policy output for a mirroring policy shows the number of packets (in parentheses) that have been mirrored for each match/ignore statement in the mirroring policy.

show statistics policy output for a mirroring policy
Switch# show statistics policy MirrorAdminTraffic vlan 30 in

HitCounts for Policy MirrorAdminTraffic

10 class ipv4 "AdminTraffic" action mirror 3

(5244)  10 match ip 
(9466)  20 match ip