Usage notes for show resources output

  • A 1:1 mapping of internal rules to configured policies in the switch does not necessarily exist. As a result, displaying current resource usage is the most reliable method for keeping track of available resources. Also, because some internal resources are used by multiple features, deleting a feature configuration may not increase the amount of available resources.

  • Resource usage includes resources actually in use or reserved for future use by the listed features.

  • "Internal dedicated-purpose resources" include the following features:
    • Per-port ingress and egress rate limiting through the CLI using rate-limit in/out

    • Per-port ingress and egress broadcast rate limiting through the CLI using rate-limit bcast/mcast

    • Per-port or per-VLAN priority or DSCP through the CLI using qos priority or qos dscp

    • Per protocol priority through the CLI using qos protocol

  • For chassis products, 'slots' are listed instead of 'ports,' with resources shown for all installed modules on the chassis.

  • The "Available" columns display the resources available for additional feature use.

  • The "IDM" column shows the resources used for RADIUS-based authentication.

  • "Meters" are used when applying either ICMP rate-limiting or a QoS policy with a rate-limit class action.