copy tftp


copy tftp [startup-config|running-config] tftp <IP-ADDR> <REMOTE-FILE> [pc|unix][oobm]
copy tftp config <FILENAME> <IP-ADDR> <REMOTE-FILE> [pc|unix][oobm]


Copies a configuration from a remote host to a designated config file in the switch.

Parameters and options


For switches that have a separate OOBM port, the oobm parameter specifies that the transfer is through the OOBM interface. If this parameter is not specified, the transfer is through the data interface.

The oobm parameter is not available on switches that do not have a separate OOBM port.

Download a configuration file

To download a configuration file named sw8200 in the configs directory on drive "d" in a remote host having an IP address of

switch# copy tftp startup-config