Selecting mirrored traffic

You can use any of the following options to select the traffic to be mirrored on a port, trunk, mesh, or VLAN interface in a local or remote session:

  • All trafficMonitors all traffic entering or leaving the switch on one or more interfaces (inbound and outbound.)

  • Direction-based traffic selectionMonitors traffic that is either entering or leaving the switch (inbound or outbound.) Monitoring traffic in only one direction improves operation by reducing the amount of traffic sent to a mirroring destination.

  • MAC-based traffic selectionMonitors only traffic with a matching source and/or destination MAC address in packet headers entering and/or leaving the switch on one or more interfaces (inbound and/or outbound.)

  • Classifier-based service policyProvides a finer granularity of match criteria to zoom in on a subset of a monitored port or VLAN traffic (IPv4 or IPv6) and select it for local or remote mirroring (inbound only.)

Deprecation of ACL-based traffic selection

In software release K.14.01 or greater, the use of ACLs for selecting traffic in a mirroring session has been deprecated and is replaced by the use of advanced classifier-based service policies.

As with ACL criteria, classifier-based match/ignore criteria allow you to limit a mirroring session to selected inbound packets on a given port or VLAN interface (instead of mirroring all inbound traffic on the interface.)

The following commands have been deprecated:

    interface port/trunk/mesh monitor ip access-group acl-name in mirror [1 - 4 | name-str]
    vlan vid-# monitor ip access-group acl-name in mirror [1 - 4 | name-str]

After you install and boot release K.14.01 or greater, ACL-based local and remote mirroring sessions configured on a port or VLAN interface are automatically converted to classifier-based mirroring policies.

If you are running software release K.13.XX or earlier, ACL permit/deny criteria are supported to select IP traffic entering a switch to mirror in a local or remote session, using specified source and/or destination criteria.