Remote mirroring overview

To configure a remote mirroring session in which the mirroring source and destination are on different switches, follow these general steps:

After you complete 6.b, the switch begins mirroring traffic to the remote destination (endpoint) configured for the session.

  1. Determine the IP addressing, UDP port number, and destination (exit) port number for the remote session:
    1. Source VLAN or subnet IP address on the source switch.

    2. Destination VLAN or subnet IP address on the destination switch.

    3. Random UDP port number for the session (7933-65535.)

    4. Remote mirroring endpoint: Exit port and IP address of the remote destination switch (In a remote mirroring endpoint, the IP address of the exit port and remote switch can belong to different VLANs. Any loopback IP address can be used except the default loopback address

  2. Requirement: For remote mirroring, the same IP addressing and UDP port number must be configured on both the source and destination switches.

  3. On the remote destination (endpoint) switch, enter the mirror endpoint command with the information from 1 to configure a mirroring session for a specific exit port.

  4. Determine the session (1 to 4) and (optional) alphanumeric name to use on the source switch.

  5. Determine the traffic to be filtered by any of the following selection methods and the appropriate configuration level (VLAN, port, mesh, trunk, global):
    1. Direction: inbound, outbound, or both.

    2. Classifier-based mirroring policy: inbound only for IPv4 or IPv6 traffic.

    3. MAC source and/or destination address: inbound, outbound, or both.

  6. On the source switch:
    1. Enter the mirror command with the session number (1 to 4) and the IP addresses and UDP port number from 1 to configure a mirroring session. If desired, enter the [truncation] parameter to allow oversize packets to be truncated rather than dropped.

    2. Enter one of the following commands to configure one or more of the traffic-selection methods in 5 for the configured session:
      interface port/trunk/mesh [monitor | service-policy policy-name in] vlan vid [monitor | service-policy policy-name in] monitor mac mac-addr