Port and trunk group statistics and flow control status

The features described in this section enable you to determine the traffic patterns for each port since the last reboot or reset of the switch. You can display:

  • A general report of traffic on all LAN ports and trunk groups in the switch, along with the per-port flow control status (On or Off.)

  • A detailed summary of traffic on a selected port or trunk group.

You can also reset the counters for a specific port.

The menu interface provides a dynamic display of counters summarizing the traffic on each port. The CLI lets you see a static "snapshot" of port or trunk group statistics at a particular moment.

As mentioned above, rebooting or resetting the switch resets the counters to zero. You can also reset the counters to zero for the current session. This is useful for troubleshooting.


The Reset action resets the counter display to zero for the current session, but does not affect the cumulative values in the actual hardware counters. (In compliance with the SNMP standard, the values in the hardware counters are not reset to zero unless you reboot the switch.) Exiting from the console session and starting a new session restores the counter displays to the accumulated values in the hardware counters.