PoE advertisements

These advertisements inform an LLDP-MED endpoint of the power (PoE) configuration on switch ports. Similar advertisements from an LLDP-MED endpoint inform the switch of the endpoint's power needs and provide information that can be used to identify power priority mismatches.

PoE TLVs include the following power data:

Power type

Indicates whether the device is a power-sourcing entity (PSE) or a PD. Ports on the J8702A PoE zl module are PSE devices. A MED-capable VoIP telephone is a PD.

Power source

Indicates the source of power in use by the device. Power sources for PDs include PSE, local (internal), and PSE/local. The switches advertise unknown.

Power priority

Indicates the power priority configured on the switch (PSE) port or the power priority configured on the MED-capable endpoint.

Power value

Indicates the total power in watts that a switch port (PSE) can deliver at a particular time, or the total power in watts that the MED endpoint (PD) requires to operate.