Operating notes

The following conditions apply for the no-tag-added option:

  • The specified port can be a physical port, trunk port, or mesh port.

  • Only a single logical port (physical port or trunk) can be associated with a mirror session when the no-tag-added option is specified. No other combination of ACL mirroring, VLAN mirroring, or port mirroring can be associated with the mirror session. If more than one logical port is specified, the following error message is displayed:

    Cannot monitor more than one logical port with no-tag-added option

  • If a port changes its VLAN membership and/or untagged status within the VLAN, the "untagged port mirroring" associated with that port is updated when the configuration change is processed.

  • Only four ports or trunks can be monitored at one time when all four mirror sessions are in use (one logical port per mirror session) without VLAN tags being added to a mirrored copy.

  • The no-tag-added option can also be used when mirroring is configured with SNMP.

  • A VLAN tag is still added to the copies of untagged packets obtained via VLAN-based mirroring.