Mirroring-source restrictions

In a mirroring session, you can configure any of the following sources of mirrored traffic:

  • Multiple port and trunk, and/or mesh interfaces

  • One VLAN

    If you configure a VLAN as the source interface in a mirroring session and assign a second VLAN to the session, the second VLAN overwrites the first VLAN as the source of mirrored traffic.

  • One classifier-based policy

    If you configure a mirroring policy on a port or VLAN interface to mirror inbound traffic in a session, you cannot configure a port, trunk, mesh, ACL, or VLAN as an additional source of mirrored traffic in the session.

  • Up to 320 MAC addresses (used to select traffic according to source, destination MAC address, or both) in all mirroring sessions configured on a switch