Manually configuring PoE power levels

You can specify a power level (in watts) allocated for a port by using the value option. This is the maximum amount of power that will be delivered.

  1. To configure a port by value, first set the PoE allocation by entering the poe-allocate-by value command:
    switch(config) # int A6 poe-allocate-by value

    or in interface context:

    switch(eth-A6) # poe-allocate-by value
  2. Then select a value:
    switch(config) # int A6 poe-value 15

    or in interface context:

    switch(eth-A6) # poe-value 15
  3. To view the settings, enter the show power-over-ethernet command, shown below.
    Displaying PoE allocation by value and the maximum power delivered