Hotswapping out the active management module

  1. On the management module to be hotswapped out, press the MM Shutdown button. It is located between the Module Operation and Component Status LEDs. (See The MM Shutdown button.)
    The MM Shutdown button
  2. The Dwn LED to the right of the MM Shutdown button begins flashing green. File synchronization will complete before shutdown occurs.

  3. The standby module takes control and the switchover occurs. It is now the active management module.

  4. The Dwn LED on the management module being hotswapped out turns green and all other LEDs go out when it is OK to remove the module.

  5. The module being hotswapped out goes into offline mode. In the offline mode, the module cannot take over when the active module fails over.


If you remove the active management module without pressing the MM Shutdown button, any files that may have been in the process of synchronizing will not finish synchronizing to the standby module and all file transfer is aborted.