Hotswapping in a management module

If another management module is hotswapped in while there is an active management module booted up, the newly hotswapped management module becomes the standby module.

No negotiating is needed as to which module becomes the active management module, because there is already a functioning active management module. However, the following conditions must be met to determine if the hotswapped module can become a standby management module:

  • The hotswapped module must pass selftest

  • Management module redundancy is not administratively disabled (using the no redundancy management-module command.) If the active management module's config file has redundancy administratively disabled, the hotswapped management module goes into "offline" mode.

In nonstop switching mode—The active management module's files and features are synced with the standby management module. Heartbeats are sent back and forth, and the standby management module is ready to quickly take over in the event of a switchover or a failure on the active management module.

In warm-standby mode—The standby management module partially boots up and heartbeats are sent back and forth with the active management module.