For a remote mirroring session

Determine the following information and then go to "Configure a mirroring destination on a remote switch" on page 498.

  • The IP address of the VLAN or subnet on which the exit port exists on the destination switch.

  • The port number of the remote exit port on the remote destination switch. (In a remote mirroring endpoint, the IP address of the exit port and the remote destination switch can belong to different VLANs.)

  • The IP address of the VLAN or subnet on which the mirrored traffic enters or leaves the source switch.

    Although the switch supports the use of UDP port numbers from 1 to 65535, UDP port numbers below 7933 are reserved for various IP applications. Using these port numbers for mirroring can result in an interruption of other IP functions, and in non-mirrored traffic being received on the destination (endpoint) switch and sent to the device connected to the remote exit port.

  • The unique UDP port number to use for the session on the source switch. (The recommended port range is from 7933 to 65535.)